Built-in plate dispensers

Built-in dispenser HES heated, Mounting depth 760 mm

Heated, for plates and menu plates. Design: Casing and base made of chrome nickel steel, chromium steel plattform. Ther mos tat and on-off switch loosely attached, with built-in casing for mounting into site facing. Thermostatically adjustable from 30 – 90 °C. Capillary tube length 1800 mm. Capacity: approx. 50 plates. E.-Connection: 230 V-0,4 kW. Thermostat-built-in casing 107 x 175 x 80 mm, cut-out measures for built-in casing 87 x 150 mm.

Model-No.Dimensions crockery Mounting depthCircle cut-outFlange supportPriceItem-No.
HES-24190–2387603183301.110 €A 0920
HES-28230–2787603583701.110 €A 0921
HES-31260–3087603884001.110 €A 0922
HES-34290–3387604184301.294 €A 0923

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