Induction oven components

Compact-Line – Induction oven components, wok

Oven components for fitting into on-site casings or ovens.
Equipped with RTCSmp (Realtime Temperature Control System) technology, for highest demands in quality, safety and reliability.
Without casings, blinds and mounting frames - no fully wired units!

Individual parts available:

  • Induction coils with generator and rotary potentiometer
  • ceran glass
SH/WO/IN/CL 3500round coil, wokAnalogue control2303,52.168 €Z 1140
SH/WO/IN/CL 3500round coil, wokFlex control2303,52.579 €Z1240
SH/WO/IN/CL 5000round coil, wokAnalogue control4005,02.440 €Z 1100
SH/WO/IN/CL 5000round coil, wokFlex control4005,02.852 €Z1200
SH/WO/IN/CL 8000round coil, wokAnalogue control4008,02.779 €Z 1141
SH/WO/IN/CL 8000round coil, wokFlex control4008,03.177 €Z1241
Ceran glass Ø311 mm292 €Z1114
Built-in Kit "hidden built-in"231 €Z0156
Built-in Kit "visible built-in"369 €Z0157




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