Profit-Line 95000 – The perfect food counter

Profit-Line 95000 – Food counter, Bain-marie with Substructure

Multifunctional hot servery. Bain-marie for GN-inserts with a max. depth of 100 mm, thermostatically adjustable up to 95 °C. On basin edge a structure with separately switchable heat radiators à 300 Watts for light and warmth. Sides, top cover and cough protection made of security glass. Design with substructure. Substructure with worktop in granite, on guest side as tray support, removable Resopal (formica) laminated front and side facings, on serving side open with ground shelf. Mobile on 4 castors, Ø 75 mm, 2 of them lockable. Isle design on request.

95002/B/U2 x 1/12302,81.0001.000900/1.4007.130 €D 1001
95003/B/U3 x 1/14003,81.3001.000900/1.4007.870 €D 1101
95004/B/U4 x 1/14005,21.7001.000900/1.4008.607 €D 1201
95005/B/U5 x 1/14006,62.0001.000900/1.4009.347 €D 1301

You will find accessories in our price list on pages 71 and 72.


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