Profit-Line 25000

Profit-Line 25000/B, 1+1 = Multifunctional Warm and Cold Counters

Profit-Line with Bain-marie 25000/B. Design: Casing made of chrome nickel steel 18/10. Heating bridge with IRK halogen-infrared-quarz radiators, to be switched separately by on-off switch. Bain-marie thermostatically adjustable from 30 – 110 °C. Hygiene protection cover made of security of glass. 2 halogen-spotlights with separate switch.

Model-No.GN sizeRadiator/heating bridgeVoltkWLengthDepthHeightPriceItem-No.
25002/B2 x GN 1/1-10022302,98506507003.583 €B 4012
25003/B3 x GN 1/1-10024003,91.1006507004.183 €B 4013

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