Profit-Line 95000 – The perfect food counter

Profit-Line 95000 – Food counter, Veil cooling vitrine: Built-in device

Cold servery veil cooling vitrine. Cold servery with circulating air cooled basin and vitrine. For GN-insets with a max. depth of 200 mm, electronically adjustable to 4 °C. Vitrine completely glazed, customer side with 10° inclination. On serving side sliding doors made of insulated glass, 2 height adjustable glass shelves made of security glass, open on customer side. With cooling veil, inside light, circulating air vaporiser, under-built aggregate and condensation water evaporation, temperature range 4 – 12 °C, refrigerating agent R134a.

95002/SV/E2 x 1/12300,480069570010.050 €D 6502
95003/SV/E3 x 1/12300,51.12569570012.073 €D 6602
95004/SV/E4 x 1/12300,51.45069570013.973 €D 6702

You will find accessories in our price list on pages 71 and 72.


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