Profit-Line 95000 – The perfect food counter

Profit-Line 95000 – Food counter, Circulating air cooling vitrine with self-service flaps with Substructure

Cold servery with cooling vitrine. Structure completely glazed, customer side with 10° inclination. On serving side sliding doors made of insulated glass. 2 height adjustable glass shelves made of security glass. On customer side self-service flaps, with inside light. Circulating air vaporiser in basin, with under-built aggregate and condensation water evaporation. Temperature range 4 – 12 °C, refrigerating agent R134a. Design with substructure. Substructure with worktop in granite, on guest side as tray support, removable Resopal (formica) laminated front and side facings, on serving side open with ground shelf. Mobile on 4 castors, Ø 75 mm, 2 of them lockable. Isle design on request.

Model-No.Self-service flapsVoltkWLengthDepthHeightPriceItem-No.
95002/KV/U62300,41.0001.000900/1.60010.801 €D 5501
95003/KV/U92300,51.3001.000900/1.60012.536 €D 5601
95004/KV/U122300,51.7001.000900/1.60014.397 €D 5701

You will find accessories in our price list on pages 71 and 72.


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