Scholl Gastro Referenz Hotel Deynique, Westerburg
Scholl Gastro Referenz Wiesbaden
Scholl Gastro Referenz Amadeus, Bad Homburg
Scholl Gastro Referenz

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To our customers worldwide we offer high quality products in modern designs, which are easy to clean. For you eat with your eyes first.
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  • Scholl Gastro Referenz Hotel Denynique, Westerburg

    Hotel Deynique Westerburg

    New servery counter for panorama restaurant.
    Food preparation / production in Frontcooking station. Buffet with Hold-Line induction for precise heat retaining of food. Combined with Hot-Cold-Plate for flexible usage. Process of planning and installationin cooperation with our distributor (Wünsche / Nistertal).

  • Scholl Gastro Referenz Verlagshaus Mainz

    Cantine at Verlagshaus Mainz

    S-shaped counter and round salad bar for approx. 250 meals per day.
    Process of planning and installation in cooperation with our distributor (Dupp / Lahnstein).
    Realisation in December 2016.

  • Scholl Gastro Referenz H1 Amadeus, Bad Homburg

    H1 Amadeus Bad Homburg

    Cantine of IT service organisation for travel industry. Euipment: CNS furniture in hygienic design H1 for preparation, cooking and dish washing area, several severy counters, Frontcooking station, coffee bar and double cashier counter.
    Process of planning in cooperation with our distributor.   

  • Scholl Gastro Referenz Ingersoll Haiger

    Ingersoll Haiger

    Factory cantine for approx. 100 meals per day.
    Equipment: Hot servery counter with bain-maries, hot or cold combi plates, isle-counters with static cooling and mobile modules.
    Process of planning in cooperation with our distributor.

  • Scholl Gastro Referenz Fischerwerke


    New free flow servery counter
    Community catering for employees and training center. Stationary and mobile counters for flexible operation, e.g. salad bars, coffee stations, cashier counters etc.
    Process of planning in cooperation with our distributor.

  • Scholl Gastro Referenz Parkklinik, Bad Bocklet


    Servery counters for rehab guests and guests of the connected hotel. Room 1: Stationary, u-shaped buffet for approx. 300 guests. Room 2: Mobile modules which can be flexibly arranged at any time, for approx. 100 guests. Equipment: Profit-Line hot, cold and neutral servery counters combined with soup and beverage stations. Process of planning and installationin cooperation with our distributor and Parkklinik.

  • Alte Oper Frankfurt a.M.

    Canteen with fitting food counter for niche and pillar. With frontcooking, display refrigerator, heat retaining area and stainless steel furniture.
    Planning by our distributor (Nau / Dreieich).

  • Analytik Jena

    Canteen (open to public) with fitting food counter (display refrigeration and heat retaining) for niche and pillar. Separate salad and soup buffet and black tray trolleys.

  • Dill-Klinik Wetzlar

    Hospital cafeteria. Food counter with display refrigeration. Feature: tray support and facings made of ESG glass with LED-lighting.
    Planning by our distributor (Nau / Herborn).

  • Leo's Restaurant Koblenz

    Open, repeatedly angled counter with induction cooking fields and grills.
    Planning and mounting by our distributor (DUpp / Lahnstein).

  • Hotel ibis Styles Aalen

    Frontcooking counter with Hold-Line and glass tops. Planning by our distributor (Steinrücke-Felsengrund / Winterberg), built-in units and tops by Scholl and production and mounting of counter by carpenter.

  • Scholl Gastro Referenz

    Werkskantine zur Mitarbeiterverpflegung

    Fertigung und Montage einer Speisenausgabe mit Abdeckung aus Quarzstein „Silestone Dekor Rougui“ 4/1 Kühlvitrine und 4/1 Kühlwanne, 5/1 Bainmarie, Einbauspendern für Servietten und Tabletts.

    Einfassung einer vorhandenen Frontcookingstation, passgenaue Wandanschlüsse mit Umbauung eines Stützpfeilers.