Tray trolley RTW 530 x 370 black

Alu tray trolleys, black, 1 compartment or 2 compartments, EN trays, Height 1.650 mm

Design: Frame structure made of black anodized special light metal-profiles, side walls and separating walls made of melamine resin laminated panels, completely surrounded by U-profile. Rear- and front side open. Tray supports made of stainless steel. Mounted on 4 corrosion protected, ball bearing castors with distance holding bumpers, 2 of them lockable.

Model-No.TraysHeight distanceLengthDepthHeightPriceItem-No.
RTW 126-S71755206401.6501.088 €L 1126-S
RTW 128-S91505206401.6501.128 €L 1128-S
RTW 130-S101255206401.6501.130 €L 1130-S
RTW 132-S131005206401.6501.171 €L 1132-S
RTW 134-S18755206401.6501.226 €L 1134-S
RTW 162-S141756808601.6501.168 €L 1162-S
RTW 164-S181506808601.6501.212 €L 1164-S
RTW 166-S201256808601.6501.221 €L 1166-S
RTW 168-S261006808601.6501.281 €L 1168-S
RTW 170-S36756808601.6501.353 €L 1170-S
RTW 226-S141759206401.6501.512 €L 1226-S
RTW 228-S181509206401.6501.572 €L 1228-S
RTW 230-S201259206401.6501.590 €L 1230-S
RTW 232-S261009206401.6501.682 €L 1232-S
RTW 234-S36759206401.6501.801 €L 1234-S

You will find accessories (page 96-97), trays (page 102-103) and colours (page 101) in our price list.


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