Young-Line 65000 – school servery

Young-Line 65000 – school servery, hot servery counter, Bain-marie

Bain-marie basin for 3 or 4 GN-inserts 1/1-150. Continuously heated, water drain downwards. Heating thermostatically adjustable from 30 – 90 °C. CNS-top structure with 2 radiators each 400 W. Front glass made of insulating glass, 10° sloped. Substructure open on serving side, with ground shelf. On guest side Resopal laminated facing. Folding and detachable tray support, Resopal laminated. Mounted on 4 castors, 2 of them lockable.

65003/B2302,81.100750850/1.3004.129 €S 0400
65004/B4004,01.450750850/1.3005.252 €S 0410

You will find accessories and a colour selection in our price list on page 63.


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