Bain-maries built-in

Bain-maries built-in, continuously heated basin, filling on site

For flush fitting. Design: Chrome nickel steel 18/10. Basin indirectly heated (heater underneath basin bottom).Thermostat loosely attached with built-in casing. With water supply, drain and overflow for steady connection, incl. extension for ball valve for on site panel.

Model-No.GN sizeVoltkWLengthDepthHeightPriceItem-No.
3211/ZAÜ1 x 1/1 - 200230 V1,04256302801.831 €G 2101
3212/ZAÜ2 x 1/1 - 200230 V2,07706302802.296 €G 2201
3213/ZAÜ3 x 1/1 - 200230 V3,01.1106302802.919 €G 2301
3214/ZAÜ4 x 1/1 - 200400 V4,01.4506302803.539 €G 2501

Connection option to existing optimisation system on request.
You will find GN-inserts in our price list on pages 52 and 53.


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