Heating bridges

Quartz compact heating bridges for on-site mounting

Design: Casing chrome nickel steel 18/10. IRK-Halogen-infrared-quartz radiators, incl. Splinter Shield, with individual on-off-switches. Additional length upon request.

29065/OK2300,465085570 €B 0531
29100/OK2300,81.00085929 €B 0532
29110/OK2300,81.100851.147 €B 0533
29120/OK2301,21.200851.236 €B 0534
29130/OK2301,21.300851.349 €B 0535
29140/OK2301,21.400851.417 €B 0536
29150/OK2301,61.500851.484 €B 0537
29160/OK2301,61.600851.550 €B 0538
29170/OK2301,61.700851.615 €B 0539
29180/OK2302,01.800851.681 €B 0540
29190/OK2302,01.900851.744 €B 0541
29200/OK2302,02.000851.811 €B 0542

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