Profit-Line 95000 – The perfect food counter

Profit-Line 95000 – Food counter, Bain-marie: Built-in device

Multifunctional hot servery. Bain-marie for GN-inserts with a max. depth of 100 mm, thermostatically adjustable up to 95 °C. On basin edge a structure with separately switchable heat radiators à 400 Watts for light and warmth. Sides, top cover and cough protection made of security glass.

95002/B/E2 x 1/12302,88406506605.100 €D 1002
95003/B/E3 x 1/14003,81.1406506605.711 €D 1102
95004/B/E4 x 1/14005,21.5406506605.872 €D 1202
95005/B/E5 x 1/14006,61.8406506606.439 €D 1302

You will find accessories in our price list on pages 71 and 72.



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