Tray trolleys TWE

Stainless steel-tray trolleys TWE, 1 compartment, Height 1.650 mm, without door/s, for 11 trays

Design: Frame structure made of chrome nickel steel square tubes 25 x 25 mm, completely welded. Tray supports made of chrome nickel steel angle material. Mounted on 4 corrosion protected, ball bearing castors. 2 of them lockable. 4 distance holding bumpers. Height distance of tray supports 125 mm. Also available with stainless steel doors (stainless steel facing closed all around).

TWE 1060530 x 3254706401.433 €K 0104
TWE 1300530 x 3705206401.492 €K 0105
TWE 1460460 x 3444905701.560 €K 0106

In our price list you will find accessories (page 100-101) and trays (page 102-103).


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